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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blueberry Pancake Publishing Fish

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blueberry Pancake Publishing Fish

Interning for a Children's Author

Since summer break is beginning for college students in the United States, I thought I'd take a few moments to introduce you to my intern, Sarah. Sarah began interning for me this semester beginning in January 2020. She will continue interning with my publishing company throughout her senior year of college.

You may be curious about my title selection for this article. Fish is a term given to freshmen students entering high school or college. The reference is that these people are like fish out of water. They really don't know what they are doing. Sarah is definitely not a fish but she is about to enter the giant fish bowl we call "The Real World". It is my job to make sure she is ready to meet this challenge in life.

Sarah is currently a Senior at Oklahoma State University with a double major in Marketing and Management. She is also a member of the sororitry Pi Beta Phi. In the past, Sarah was a competitive cheerleader for 8 years. She also worked in retail, lifeguarded and was a nanny throughout high school. She is currently a teacher's assistant for a business class on campus, interning for me at Blueberry Pancake Publishing and interns for two other companies all while attending her regular classes. Sarah has a good work ethic and is not afraid to step up to challenges.

You may be wondering why a student with a major in Marketing and Management is interning for a publisher. Well, let me say this, Sarah is a huge asset to my publishing company. She is currently working on my Pinterest account. She is coordinating the pictures to articles I've written, making it easier for clients to find what they are looking for. We are looking into setting up a YouTube channel for children to find stories that I read for them. There are a few logistics that we are working our way through. Sarah also helps me with other marketing ideas for Instagram and Facebook. If there is anything I don't know how to do, Sarah has it figured out within a few minutes and is very helpful to talk me through the process.

In the future, Sarah is looking forward to pursuing the goals she has set for herself throughout her college years. She has been very futured focused and she can't wait to apply herself to her career and enjoy life with her family and friends.

Sarah is a true delight and I look forward to not only the following year working with her but also following her career in the future. It will be very interesting to see where she ends up in the big fish bowl of life. Guppy or Shark? Sarah is definitely Shark!

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