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Writing Struggles... My Juggling Act

Writing Struggles... My Juggling Act

I taught for many years and loved every minute of the experience except for being away from my children. I think for every mom, there is a struggle between work life and mom life. Both are extremely demanding but for me... my children pulled on my little heart strings and I truly wanted to stay at home to raise them.

After the girls all went off to college, I had zero desire to go back to teaching. But what was buzzing around in my head was a long-lost yearning to write a children’s book. Being a writer is such a fabulous career and one that I had dreamt about in the back of my head for years. For me, writing at this stage of my life is a blessing. I still do not have a job outside of the home, so I am able to spend a lot of time on writing.

But the words dream, and job are hard to put together. Yes, I have the freedom to do what I’ve been dreaming about for years. And, yes this is an actual job. We won’t talk about how much I get paid because I’m pretty sure the elephants at the circus are getting more peanuts than I am.

(I can’t remember... Did they shut down all the circus’?) I probably just said something that someone will yell at me about.

But like the clown in the circus who is juggling all the balls, let me explain how many balls I have in the air at once.


Ball 1 ~ Book 1 Excuse Me Sir, Do You Bark English?

Ball 2~ Website for my fabulous circus attraction

Ball 3~ My Blog so that I can share a peek at the fun behind the scenes before the acts come out under the Big Top. Step right up ladies and gentlemen. Take a peek at the bearded lady.

Ball 4~ And now for a big surprise... the high wire act balancing high above huge crowds on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t fall, or everyone will walk out of your performance. Keep everyone happy.

Ball 5~ Writer’s Block ... watch me jump from block to block and still not know what to write.

Ball 6~ Clown school. Getting ready to offer a class to my fellow writing friends because Yes, I am having this much fun. Red honking nose included.

Ball 7~ Books 2,3,4... because when the writer’s block stops, a flood of ideas come pouring out as fast as the man getting shot out of a cannon.

Why work on one book when you can work on three at the same time. If one gets boring, move over to another book.

Needless to say, I have a lot going on right now. But guess what? I’m having the time of my life.

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