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Helen Beatrix Potter~ Author Crush

Author Crush

Helen Beatrix Potter

I thought I’d share another crush I have on a writer. The writer of many favorites but my all-time favorite... The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter.

Born, Helen Beatrix Potter July 28, 1866~ December 22, 1943. The English writer, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist was best known for her children’s books that featured animals like Peter.

Beatrix was born into money and was educated by governesses. She was usually secluded from other children and as such she spent a great deal of time outside learning about nature, loving the little woodland creatures, drawing and painting them. Reading, painting and nature were her passions beginning from an early age.

Publishing The Tale of Peter Rabbit in her 30’s, she began perusing writing children’s books and illustrating full time.

What I love about The Tale of Peter Rabbit is that he is a naughty little bunny. He is warned by his mother how to behave but temptation is too great. He learns he should have listened to his mother as he moans over a tummy ache from eating too many goodies out of Mr. McGreggor’s garden. Such a great story for little ones to relate to about behavior. It’s just so hard to be good all the time.

Similarly, The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin takes place in the woods by a lake. Squirrel Nutkin, a red squirrel, is off to gather nuts for the winter with his brother Twinkleberry and many cousins. But instead of bringing presents as an offering to an owl named Old Brown for allowing them to gather nuts on his island, Nutkin is far too busy chattering riddles and playing in the woods. After days of repeated naughty behavior, Old Brown has had quite enough. He scolds Nutkin giving him a tug that breaks his tail, teaching little Nutkin to mind his manners and to give up useless chatter when there is work to be done.

Another one of my favorite stories written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter is, The Tale of Jamima Puddle Duck. Poor Jamima is so sad because she would really like to hatch her own babies. But to do that she has to have patience which is really hard to have. The farmer’s wife keeps taking her eggs, till one day she sets off to find a safe place to sit on her eggs and keep them warm for 28 days. Along the way she meets a sly fox who is more than willing to help Jamima find a place to nest. Luckily the farm dog is smarter than Jamima and rescues her before she becomes Duck soup.

I absolutely love all the painting of the different characters and the nature that they all live in. But I especially love their little funny names. Names once you read them, they stay wiggled into your heart forever.

If you have little ones, gather them on your lap and enjoy Beatrix Potters stories. They will soon become favorites.

Thank you Mrs. Potter for sharing your gift with the world.

The 24 Tales

  1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit(1902)

  2. The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin(1903)

  3. The Tailor of Gloucester(1903)

  4. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny(1904)

  5. The Tale of Two Bad Mice(1904)

  6. The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle(1905)

  7. The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan(1905)

  8. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher(1906)

  9. The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit(1906)

  10. The Story of Miss Moppet(1906)

  11. The Tale of Tom Kitten(1907)

  12. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck(1908)

  13. The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or, The Roly-Poly Pudding(1908)

  14. The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies(1909)

  15. The Tale of Ginger and Pickles(1909)

  16. The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse(1910)

  17. The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes(1911)

  18. The Tale of Mr. Tod(1912)

  19. The Tale of Pigling Bland(1913)

  20. Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes(1917)

  21. The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse(1918)

  22. Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes(1922)

  23. The Tale of Little Pig Robinson(1930)

  24. The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots(2016 )[66]

Other books

  1. Peter Rabbit's Painting Book(1911)

  2. Tom Kitten's Painting Book(1917)

  3. Jemima Puddle-Duck's Painting Book(1925)

  4. Peter Rabbit's Almanac for 1929(1928)

  5. The Fairy Caravan(1929)

  6. Sister Anne(illustrated by Katharine Sturges) (1932)

  7. Wag-by-Wall(decorations by J. Lankes) (1944)

  8. The Tale of the Faithful Dove(illustrated by Marie Angel) (1955, 1970)

  9. The Sly Old Cat(written 1906; first published 1971)

  10. The Tale of Tuppenny(illustrated by Marie Angel) (1973)

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