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Ready or Not... Here I Come Kindergarten Readiness Part 2

Your turn little ones: I know your mommy and daddy are probably reading this but that’s ok... it’s for them as well.

Here’s a little list of things I would like you to work on over the summer before Kindergarten. You don’t need to work on all things listed every day... just a few things every day. Some of the things listed you may already know, others may be brand new. Just work on this list for about 15-20 minutes each day and have mommy or daddy read to you every night before bed.

  • Sing the alphabet song. And practice making the sound each letter makes.

  • Match upper case letters to the lower-case letters

I’m thinking a game of match ... use index cards. Put all lower-case letters on each one and then the same for the upper class. Turn them upside down and play a memory game to match each letter. Also, you don’t have to do the whole alphabet at one time. A few letters at a time is great.

  • Practice writing your first name and start your name with a capital letter and then make the rest lower case letters.

  • Practice saying your phone number.

  • Practice saying your address.

  • Recite your birthday.

  • Identify colors

  • Practice with scissors

  • Identify shapes. circle, square, triangle, rectangle

  • Count to 20.

  • Rhyme familiar words.... hat bat fat cat

  • Practice writing numbers to 10

  • Count objects

  • Every day you should be having story time with mom or dad. If you are already reading... read to your dog or cat or little brother. They love to sit still and listen.

  • Read signs around town. I bet you can all find a McDonalds or a Subway. Can you read the names on canned food at the grocery store? What about a STOP sign? Other signs? This is called Environmental Print... words in our Environment.

  • Make sure you are using good manners... like please and thank you.

  • Take turns with others. And help them pick up when play time is over.

  • Practice learning how to tie your shoes.

  • Jump, hop, skip, run... and play outside.

There’s an old African Proverb or little saying that says,

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

This means when you were born, there were probably lots of people in the waiting room, or at home if you were born at home, waiting for your grand entrance into the world. The doctors and nurses all did their jobs. Grandparents sometimes show up, brothers and sisters possibly make a stop by the hospital to see how everyone was feeling. And of course, your mom and dad were there with you.

But this circle of love does not stop once you leave the warm, safe place of the hospital to go home to your new home. The circle usually gets a little bigger and then bigger after that. Soon are you are surrounded by people who love you, want to help you and will do anything to make sure you always make the right decisions in life.

Well, now you are 5 years old or almost 5 years old and that means you are about to be able to go to Kindergarten, big kid school. You’ll get a new teacher, a bunch of other teachers that work at the school and important adults like the Principal. These are all people who are becoming part of your village. Do you think it’s wrong for another person to tell you how to do something correctly? Let’s think of it this way. You’re marching down the hallway to go to Library. Your shoelace has come untied, but you don’t notice. The shoe feels loose but you’re so happy to get to go to library that you don’t even notice. Suddenly you are passing Mrs. Smith and she looks down and says “Tommy, you’ve got a flat tire.” Now you look at her kind of funny and think “What is this crazy lady saying? And how does she even know my name? “You finally give her a smile because she’s trying to be funny calling your untied shoe a flat tire. Ha-ha, you think. I get it. It’s a joke. But Mrs. Smith, you say, “I don’t know how to tie my shoe. Can you help me please? “ Well of course she will. Mrs. Smith is part of your village. Your safety zone, your people who want you to do good things in life. And you know what? Mrs. Smith might be able to teach you a new way to tie shoes that is much easier than what your mommy or your teacher knew. This is a brand-new way, and it’s great! Over the next few years people will come into your life who will be a part of your village and others may just pass through your village. They may not fit right with your village. Each village is unique and each should be treated with respect. There is no better village. They’re all good and very helpful. You’ll find ways you can help in your village as well. EVERYONE can help their own village. So, as you take your village and go through the Kindergarten village try to remember that everyone’s village is important

How can you help in your Kindergarten village?

  • Remember to use good manners. Please and thank you are beautiful words.

  • Listen quietly when your teacher or a friend is speaking.

  • Raise your hand if you would like a turn to speak.

  • Help keep your Kindergarten room clean. Put away toys or supplies in their correct place. Everyone should help.

  • If you don’t understand something, ask for help.

  • Always do your best work.

I truly hope everyone has a wonderful time in Kindergarten. I loved going to Kindergarten and I loved teaching Kindergarten. It’s really the best! ~Blueberry Pancake Publishing

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