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Blueberry Pancake Publishing ~ The Story Behind the Name

Now that my first book has been published, people have been asking me a question.How did you come up with the name for Blueberry Pancake Publishing?

Well, as different names were being tossed around in my head I kept coming back to Blueberry Pancake Publishing. But it was kind of a mouthful and didn’t roll right off my tongue. It wasn’t like any other publishing company that I’d ever heard of and I decided that was a good thing. People might remember the name and might want to read more.

The name... Blueberry Pancake Publishing came into my mind as I thought of things I love. Yes, I love blueberry pancakes but what I really love is my memory of my grandma making them from scratch up at our cottage in Northern Michigan for my cousin Susanne and me. My grandma, Annie Laurie, would have the two of us go out of the cottage and into the woods in search of blueberries. They could usually be found not too far from the dirt road that wrapped around our lake.

Armed with buckets, we would pick and pluck little blueberries right off the bushes and into our buckets. A few landed in our mouths but most were brought home to grandma. She would then rinse the berries with cold water and pat them dry. Then she would fold them gently into the pancake batter and fry them in the skillet. When they were golden brown on each side she would slide them on to a plate, pat them with butter and serve warm maple syrup on the top. My mouth waters now just thinking about how fresh and wonderful those simple little blueberry pancakes tasted.

To me, the name was perfect. It meant patience, kindness and above all the unconditional love of a woman who I called Grandma. And to me... that is what Blueberry Pancake Publishing is all about... patience of creating beautiful stories to read to children, teaching kindness and other good qualities all people should embrace and instilling a love for reading in the heart of a child.

Blueberry Pancake Publishing.... I like it!

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