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In My Office Today

Hello, all my Blueberry Pancake Publishing friends. I thought I’d share a little fun I often share with my friends and family about my time spent writing.

Well, the life of a writer is a tad different from other jobs. My office moves to where ever I am. I may be at home, I may be on a college campus or I may be on a vacation with my husband or family. I write when my heart and my head match up with something bursting out of me. I usually am able to write when I have experienced something. Sometimes it's a smell or sound that triggers a memory for me or a feeling that I feel the need to write down. But whatever the reason, there’s usually a reason behind the stories.

Many who know me, know that I am a lover of dogs. I mean, dogs are just good people. And truly, I don’t hang out with anyone who isn’t good people. Life is supposed to be wonderful and full of joy. I decided a long time ago, I don’t enjoy drama or people who are mean spirited. Anyway, dogs usually are full of joy and oh so happy to be with you or see you. Treat them kindly and they treat you the same in return.

So, in my office while I’m writing I usually have between 2-8 dogs at my feet…2 are mine. The others belong to others in my family. We are a dog loving family. My friends that come over know that there will be dog hair on my floors and slobber on my clothes. Yes, I clean but there’s no stopping it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So… for today…. here are a few shots of who’s been hanging out with this writer.

This is a game we like to call... get the ball from the pool. The chocolate lab, Bear, is the only one brave enough to leave the step to go after the ball. But all the others are always there ready when he arrives to the step to bark and nip till he drops the ball, delclaring that dog the winner.

It’s a ruff life….

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